Lecture: „Participatory methods in general adult education and intergeneration learning”

Time and Date: Tuesday, 15.03.22, 19:00 (German time)

Lecturer:  Carmen Stadelhofer, President of Institute ILEU and Danube Networkers for Europe (DANET e.V.)

Today participation is a catchword in adult education, a “must”, a term that embraces a wide range of
possible meanings. But what does that mean in practice planning, monitoring and evaluating the
process of engagement is as important as the outcomes.

Please write to [email protected] if you wish to participate but need translation for this event (BG, RO, SRB or GER)

Access to Zoom:

Meeting-ID: 862 7701 9880, Kenncode: 308657


Mar 15 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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