Workshop 12.12.23: Building Bridges for the Future of Europe

Our European network is more important than ever – for fostering the network and showing that we all have something to say about the future of Europe, we are organising the international online workshop “Promote European feeling and consciousness by culture and digital technics” on Tuesday, 12th of December, 17:00 to 20:00 (CET) where we will discuss what we can do to strengthen our European community and to stay connected:

Europe’s culture reflects history, present and future; it is diverse, multifaceted and yet contains more in common than one might initially think. Digitalization in our society is making increasing progress; many people are familiar with simple internet technologies, but few still know or use the opportunities they offer to enable communication and exchange between civil society organizations and citizens of different nations and ethnicities.

In this workshop we want to explore together the question of how culture in its various manifestations can be used as a door opener to promote European awareness, and what role digital media can play in promoting this process.

We want to think about how Europe can be made more accessible and tangible for its citizens and what support is needed from the European Union, the member states and other public bodies to create a feeling of togetherness, according to the European Union’s motto “United in diversity “.

We warmly invite you to participate and join us in this workshop.

Please send your registration until Wednesday, 6.12.23!

You will receive all necessary information as well as the access link after your registration.

Click on the Link to Register:


Dec 12 2023


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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