Within the framework of the pilot project DANECT, people of all ages, but especially seniors, from the Danube region come together to connect online. Born out of the difficulties to meet during the corona crisis, the project still helps to exchange when there is no possibility to meet in person. With the help of online video meetings, participants share their interests, emotions, but also their competencies.




Participate in our international competition called 

“Traces of Europe in my town”

Submission is now closed – we will contact all participants via mail

Ideas & Wishes

We are interested to know which topics for lectures,  working groups and contributions in the Come together Session you are interested in. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



The DANECT project will go on! We will continue with our Come Together Sessions, lectures and other interesting activities in 2024!

  • European elections wil be held from June 6 to 9, 2024 -#useyourvote & join us on 21. May for our lecture
  • 19.04.24: Carmen Stadelhofer was awarded the Order of Merit of Baden-Württemberg, click here for more
  • Competition “Traces of Europe in my Town”: All the Information you’ll need is HERE
  • The next Come Together session will take place on the 28 April with the; Topic: My-your-our common Europe
  • The video of the lecture on 16.01.23 with Karina Beigelzimer can be found here: Karina Beigelzimer, Lecture, 16.1.24

You want to participate? Write to [email protected]

  • You want to get in contact and exchange with other people from the Danube region without having to worry about the language barrier? Join us on https://vima-danube.eu

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