Time witness reports 2023 – Overview

During the year 2023 we held a lot of different lectures with time witnesses to tell us more about multiple events that took place, significant holidays or historically significant buildings and objects.

Time witness report: “Perspective on change” by Stan Miller

Session held January 15th 2023

In this time witness report Stan Miller tells us about his life, family, career and events he has witnessed, aswell as important figures he has met. He has witnessed a lot of change which he let us be a part of.

The content of this report:

  • Backstory of Stan Millers family (Jewish refugees)
  • British school system and separation in education – Britain as a divided nation
  • Studying at University and College
  • Stan Miller in France at German borders
  • Stan Millers’ teaching career and publishing of books for schools
  • Mother Teresa
  • Meeting Her Majesty the Queen

Time witness report: “Bildung & Generationen, Bildung versus Education” by Dr. Rosemarie Kurz

Session held January 29th 2023

Dr. Rosemarie Kurz, Expert for Trans Generational issues, reported to us in this time witness report about her biography, different projects and education for different generations. The content of this report:

The content of this report:

  • Rosemarie Kurz’s biography
  • Retirement and education
  • Founding of institution GEFAS
  • Networking
  • Rosemarie Kurz’s book “Unruhestand! Gelassener werde ich nie!”

Time witness report: “A fascinating life” by Prof. Nadežda Hrapková

Session held Feburary 12th 2023

Prof. Nadežda Hrapková was invited to our Come Together Session on Feburary 12th to report about her life, her career and her work all over Europe and with seniors.

The content of this report:

  • Her childhood
  • Her youth
  • Start at Comenius University Bratislava
  • EFOS as a federation for older students and umbrella for European activities
  • International projects within EFOS
  • International conferences
  • AIUTA and International associations of UTA

Time witness report: “A report on last year” by Karina Beigelzimer

Session held Feburary 26th 2023

When the war between Ukraine and Russia began, everyone was left in a state of shock. We have invited Karina Beigelzimer, a German teacher who lives in Odessa in Ukraine, to give us a time witness report on the current situation in Ukraine and how the war has affected every day life.

The content of this report:

  • Start of the war
  • Where to now?
  • The new Ukrainian reality
  • Russian war crimes
  • The positive side effects of war
  • Who will be this wars loser and when will it end

Time witness report: “Who I am?” by Violeta Puscasu

Session held March 26th 2023

Violeta Puscasu has been invited to one of your Come Together sessions, where she reported about her life, career and teaching and how she passed her knowledge onto many other generations.

The content of this report:

  • childhood
  • marriage
  • motherhood
  • work as teacher/professor
  • meeting interesting people
  • start the story of the first Romanian U3A

Time witness report: “The poetry of Eugen Dorcescu” by Eugen Dorcescu

Session held April 23th 2023

In this time witness report Eugen Dorcescu tells us about himself, his life and his poetry, as well as the recognition he has gotten over the years.

The content of this report:

  • biography
  • literary activity
  • literary work
  • the profane poetry
  • the sacred poetry
  • the mystical-religious poetry
  • bringing valuable manuscripts to life
  • the translations
  • national recognition
  • international recognition

Time witness report: “Interview with Horst Buchmann”

Session held May 21st 2023

In an interview with our time witness Horst Buchmann he told us more about him growing up, studying and his career.

The content of this report:

  • Growing up
  • Studying, social service, teacher training
  • Teacher’s career
  • Retirement/plans

Time witness report: “On the ways to the young Danube – visiting the towns of my life as a child” by Siegbert Schlor

Session held June 25th 2023

Siegbert Schlor takes us on a trip around places and towns he lived in as a child, which are all around the Danube!

The content of this report:

  • pictures of the different places visited and some notes to them

Time witness report: “Spice up your cooking – Herbs from my garden” by Hugh Busher

Session held July 16th 2023

This sessions focus was on wild herbs. During this report Hugh Busher told us more about wild herbs and their usage.

The content of this report:

  • “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme”
  • Scarborough
  • What we do with herbs
  • And then there is garlic…

Time witness report: “Plants dyeing” by Olga Zavalniuk

Session held September 10th 2023

This session focus was on wild herbs as well. In this report Olga Zavalniuk told us more about plants used for dyeing fabric etc.

The content of this report:

  • Dyeing plants of ancient times
  • Dyeing properties of Ukrainian and Swiss plants (own research”
  • Simple recipes for dyeing textiles
  • Eco print on fabric

Time witness report: “Museum of Urban Culture – The house of Caliopa”

Session held September 24th 2023

During this report we were introduced to the Museum of Urban culture which has been set up inside the House of Caliopa.

The content of this report:

  • Eros and Psyche – fresco on the staircase
  • Old photo from Rousse, early 20th century
  • Installation for the pictures from the museum
  • Guest room
  • Ceiling decoration
  • Bedroom
  • Musical salon
  • Collection of different things
  • Glass items

Time witness report: “Haus der Dingle Siegle” by Pia Schmücker

Session held October 8th 2023

During one of our time witness reports we have learned about the “Haus der Dingle Siegle” from Pia Schmücker, the manager of the “Haus der Dingle Siegle”.

The content of this report:

  • What is the Siegle?
  • What can you buy there?
  • Who is involved?
  • Difference between Siegle and other second-hand stores
  • Who comes to Siegle?
  • What is the “Kunstschaufenster”?
  • How does Siegle get its treasures?
  • What happens with the proceeds?
  • Foodsharing station Siegle?

Time witness report: “Christmas traditions” by Vaslika Avramova

Session held November 26th 2023

In the time witness report during this Come Together session Vasilka Avramova told us more about the different Christmas and New Years traditions in Bulgaria.

The content of this report:

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