Motivation of the Danube-Networkers to participate – videos

Motivation of the participants from Ulm

Introduction video of Danube-Networkers Ulm and their motivation for active participation. Have a look at the video! You can activate the English subtitles for understanding.

Motivation of participants from Romania

Senior Center No. 1 in Cluj-Napoca:

  • Valeria Farcas
  • Elena Stefanut
  • Elena Muste
  • Ina Naghi

I’m Elena Armenescu from Bucharest, Romania. Knowing that a better knowledge leads to the strengthening of friendship, I participated in the “Come together” sessions with the conviction that we participants will know each other better both through creativity and through thoughts and aspirations. We will reach a mutual knowledge through respect and due to strengthening of these friendships to a better understanding, a better life and the peace of the region in which we live. So help us God!

My name is Lucia Elena Popa. I’m from Timisoara, Romania. I participate in the European IN-CULT project out of the desire to make known some of the most representative Romanian intangible cultural values specific to our spirituality in exchanges with other countries in the European community we live with, as well as to know aspects of the culture of these countries.

Motivation of participants from Great Britain

Beverly from England

Motivation of participants from Serbia

Tomislav Milunov from Versac

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