Interesting lectures

Lectures will be offered from time to time by members of our network to topics they are involved in and would like to share and discuss with others.

We organize lectures and give technical support. If you have some interesting topics, hobbies etc. you would like to talk about, please contact us at

Translation support

The language of the lectures is usually English.

For many lectures we offer consecutive translations into different languages, e.g. German, Romanian, Bulgarian. The simultaneous translations are done by volunteers who do not carry out this activity professionally, so please understand that we do not offer perfect translations, but translations that contribute to the understanding of the topic. Read more – click here!

Previous lectures

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Upcoming lectures

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The participation in the video conferences is free of charge and easy to use.

You need an internet connection, a computer, smartphone or tablet, a camera and a microphone, which are usually already built into the newer devices.

The access data for the event can be found in the calendar note.

Contribution & feedback

Interested in lecturing on topics of your interest, hobbies, travelling, etc.?

Ideas and wishes?

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