Translation support

We are active in the Danube region and Europe, participants and volunteers speak a wide variety of languages. For communication we use English as the common language for our online activities. But many people have difficulties to understand or to speak English.
In order to enable as many people as possible to participate in the activities, we offer simultaneous translation into e.g. German, Bulgarian and Romanian for many of our online offers, such as lectures and come together sessions.

The simultaneous translations are done by volunteers who do not carry out this activity professionally, so please understand that we do not offer perfect translations, but translations that contribute to the understanding of the topic.

We are looking for translators EN/GER – GER/EN:


How do I know if a lecture is translated from English into German?
We will mark the events in the calendar with the note “Translation Support”.

Into which languages do you translate?
We will note into which languages the translations will be available. (See the note in the calendar)

How can I listen to the translation in a meeting?
At the beginning of the meeting we will announce which translations are available. Afterwards the translation function is activated.
As soon as the translation function is activated, a small globe appears in the menu bar below. By clicking on the globe you can choose the language in which you want to listen to the lecture. You can also switch between the languages, so you can listen to the original version again.

In my case the globe is not displayed.
This can mean two possibilities.

  1. The translation function is not yet activated.
  2. Sometime there are technical difficulties, if this is the case, please contact us, maybe we can help. Sometimes we have to activate the function again or it helps if you dial into the meeting again.

Can my language be offered for a presentation as well?
If many people are interested in participating and listening another language we try our best to make it possible with our wide networks of volunteers. Please contact

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