International Workshop 16.11.2021

Here you will find materials & impressions of our intergenerational online Workshop “Demographic Change & Migration” which was held on November 16th, 2021.

On 16.11.2021 the online workshop: “Young and old shape the future of Europe together” with the main topic demographic change and migration took place; a cooperation between the Ministry of State Baden-Württemberg and ILEU e.V.. 32 participants from 5 Danube countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Romania and Serbia) between 16 and 85 years were present. Consecutive translations were offered in Bulgarian, Romanian and Serbian.

The workshop was opened by Mrs. Gisela Erler, retired State Councillor, with an introduction. After a short knowledge quiz, lively discussions were held in 3 break out groups. Starting point in each group was a case study on the topics 1) Euro orphans 2) Growing old in the country 3) Young people looking for a job.

The status quo as well as the desired goals and changes were discussed. It became clear that there is no quick immediate solution to the challenges, but that even small steps make a difference. The importance of making one’s voice heard at the political level was emphasized, whether through petitions, involvement in political organizations, or participation in elections. There was also a call for solidarity between countries as well as on the individual level. In addition, a better infrastructure must be created and the economy must be stimulated in order to create new jobs. Social inclusion was also addressed.

Finally, the Wonder Me tool was presented and tried out, which provided an opportunity to network and deepen the topic. The feedback survey at the end of the workshop showed a clear picture: 100% of the participants rated the workshop as good or fantastic.

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