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Due to the spread of the corona virus, measures have been taken that seemed almost unthinkable some time ago, such as restrictions on social life and the closing of borders in Europe and worldwide. Older people in particular are threatened by health problems and most often experience social isolation.

The situation was blocking many things, but not our sense of community and our commitment to peaceful, solidary and common coexistence in Europe.

Within the framework of the pilot project DANECT, people of all ages, but especially seniors, from the Danube region come together to connect online. Born out of the difficulties to meet during the corona crisis, the project still helps to exchange when there is no possibility to meet in person.

Every second Sunday the Danube-Networkers invite people from the Danube countries and all over Europe to an online session “COME TOGETHER – Connecting people by culture”. A colorful program is organized via the video conference system ZOOM. There is something for everyone – music presentations, singing, dance, presentations about traditions from different countries (e.g. traditional festivals, cultural customs, etc.) or time witness reports. These are not contributions from professionals, but according to the motto “from friends for friends!” members of the transnational network and guests design the program themselves.

With the help of the new media we try to stay in touch with each other and to balance cultural and social disparities. This has proven to be very essential in times of Corona and still is successfully implemented

The come together sessions always take place on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 18:30 MESZ, (attention in some of your countries 19:30 or 17:30)

Since we do not have a common language, we communicate in English. But even this is only possible to a limited extent, since many adults in the southeastern European countries have learned Russian and not English. That is why there are always volunteers who help with

Learn more about how we unite cultures, how we strengthen solidarity and how we meet each other even over distance.

Upcoming Come together Sessions

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The participation in the video conference is free of charge and easy to use.

You need an internet connection, a computer, smartphone or tablet, a camera and a microphone, which are usually already built into the newer devices.

The access data for the events can be found in the calendar.


Are you interested to contribute in the sessions?

Come together video collection

Watch the videos of past sessions – click here


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