Working Groups

Current working groups

Language conversation groups
Ongoing small conversation groups to refresh the language skills, moderated by native speakers. Current courses: English, French & Italian. For more information click here.

Past working groups

Powerful women: women’s history along the Danube and Europe
Interested in women’s history and want to share knowledge in an international working group? Join this working group and get to know powerful women, that played an important role in the 19th to the 21th century in your or other countries along the Danube and in Europe.
Sharing traditions and cultural treasures – a get together
How does intangible culture connect us as Europeans? What customs and traditions can we learn from our Danube Neighbours? We would like to start a working group where we talk and share cultural treasures with each other based on different topics: for ex. special holidays, festivals and customs in your countries, most famous cultural treasures of your country etc. We invite you for a get-together to discuss ideas for the upcoming working groups.

Further working groups are possible

Examples for topics:
– German conversation group
– sustainable life
– literature and poems club
– film discussion club
– creative writing working group

Previous Events

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Upcoming Events


The participation in the video conferences is free of charge and easy to use.

You need an internet connection, a computer, smartphone or tablet, a camera and a microphone, which are usually already built into the newer devices.

The access data for the events can be found in the calendar.


Interested to contribute or moderate a group?

Ideas and wishes

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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