The Project DANECT

Danube-Networkers invite: Come together for connecting people and cultures along the Danube and Europe!

Due to the spread of the corona virus, measures have been taken that seemed almost unthinkable some time ago, such as restrictions on social life and the closing of borders in Europe and worldwide. Older people in particular are threatened by health problems and most often experience social isolation.

This situation was blocking many things, but not our sense of community and our commitment to peaceful, solidary and common coexistence in Europe.

Within the framework of the pilot project DANECT, people of all ages, but especially seniors, from the Danube region come together to connect online. Born out of the difficulties to meet during the corona crisis, the project still helps to exchange when there is no possibility to meet in person. With the help of online video meetings, participants share their interests, emotions, but also competencies.

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Our Sponsors

The project was funded by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung.

The website was funded by Partnerschaft für Demokratie Ulm.


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