International Workshop 07.12.2021

Here you will find materials & impressions of our intergenerational online Workshop „Environment & Sustainability – taking little steps towards change” which was held on December 7th, 2021.

On 7.12.21 the second international online workshop: “Young and old shape the future of Europe together” on the topic “Environment – taking little steps towards change” took place. 36 participants from seven countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Spain), between 15 – 85 years old, took part. Consecutive translations were offered in Bulgarian, Romanian and Serbian.

The workshop was opened by DI Dr. Harald Kutzenberger from the Institute for Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning (ILEN) Vienna. The diversity of the topic was emphasized: whether climate change, biodiversity or social aspects. While it is agreed that we want to preserve and protect our environment, we often lack effective tools.

The following topics were discussed in three subgroups: 1) Social Education 2) Waste Management 3) Consumerism. Ideas were collected on what contribution each of us can make and then it was discussed how to turn these ideas into projects and what support is needed to execute these projects.

Through the efforts of each individual and with support in the form of finances, but also appropriate legislation as well as public relations through politics, much can be achieved. Ideas ranged from food sharing and clothes swapping to an online platform that would serve as an exchange, stimulus and idea generator as well as networking for interested parties. Raising awareness for environmental protection should start as early as possible in schools.

Afterwards, the participants met on the online platform Wonder Me to continue the discussion. The feedback was very positive and there is a strong desire to continue this type of collaboration.

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