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A favourite “green” place of the citizens of the Municipality of Slivo Pole is the Meeting Center, built at the edge of the town of Slivo Pole, in the middle of a century-old forest on the banks of the Danube River. Every year in the spring and summer I organize members of the Union of Pensioners to clean it and in the autumn to prepare it for the winter, because big celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, musical evenings, holidays of all generations take place here.

Vezka Uzunova, Slivo Pole

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One example of a volunteer event that I organized was the “Sharing Intangible Culture Between Ethnos” meeting of the six ethnic groups. It was aimed to share different examples of intangible culture such as songs, food, traditional costumes, volunteering activities, books, etc. in preserving their ethnic culture, transmitting it to the new generations, and preserve the ethnic peace created over many years and generations.

The participants were members of the Union of Pensioners, and the guests were the mayor of Slivo Pole Municipality, the director of the Regional Inspectorate at the Ministry of Education and Science, the chairman and members of the Local Parliament, a representative of the University of Ruse, radio, television, children and parents.

Vezka Uzunova, Slivo Pole

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Near to the village of Nikolovo is the Lipnik Forest Park that is a huge forest with a large lake for water races, a small lake with water lilies and a house for beavers, restaurants for weddings and happy holidays, playgrounds with swings for children, a small zoo with goats, beautiful fountains and fountains, a large playground for music competitions and festivals, many fields for picnics and outdoor games. This is a famous place that is often visited by the citizens of the town of Ruse.

Valeri Velikov, Ruse

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Me, my wife Emily and our grandson Galin, as well as our friends, often visit the park to feed the goats and their kids with fruits and vegetables, help the fishermen to clean the shores of the lakes, look for Papa Patok and Mama Duck, we watch competitions and festivals, participate in outdoor games. The Lipnik Forest Park is a wonderful place and we help protect the forest and lakes from pollution.

Valeri Velikov, Ruse

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Gradually, the
Municipality built playgrounds, and we continue to plant new trees that will remain for future generations. We think that our
children and grandchildren will continue the tradition of gathering with their neighbors, communicating, and celebrating the
holidays and hopefully, they will remember us – the ones who started planting the trees around the blocks.

Emiliya Velikova, Ruse

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In 1987, the Municipality of Ruse took all the vineyards at the edge of the city, including mine, and built blocks of ëats, and in 1988,
my husband Valery and I bought an apartment in the place where my vineyard was. There were few trees and bushes left around the
blocks, so the people of several blocks raised funds and planted fruit trees, bushes, trees to decorate for Christmas and New Year,
benches to gather and talk with neighbors, and grass for the children and students from the nearby school.

Emiliya Velikova, Ruse

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The photo is from the Danube river with the coast from Ruse and the coast from Romania in the distance! In the low part of the coast, very close to my Dolapite quarter, the citizens /fishermen/ fish, there is a fish restaurant and delicious fish! A wonderful place to relax in the fresh air and have fun!

Hristina Marinova, Ruse

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This photo is very beautiful from my home with a beautiful rainbow after the rain and you can see the neighboring houses nearby, and opposite the greenery from the other bank of the Rusenski Lom river! It is a pleasure to live among greenery and fresh air! I will gladly participate in the other categories, but for now I am sending this!

Hristina Marinova, Ruse

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“Vasil Levski” Square is associated with the name of the greatest son of Bulgaria – Vasil Levski. All year round this place is visited by
many Bulgarian and foreign tourists, offering flowers to his monument. Every day, this green corner in Karlovo is a favorite place for
children and adults to relax.

Ivanka Baltova, Karlovo

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20 July Square is the place where almost all the holidays in Karlovo take place. As a participant in the organization of a number of the
holidays, before my retirement, and even now, I love this place and show its beauty on social networks in all seasons of the year.

Ivanka Baltova, Karlovo


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A place the whole community enjoys: I live in Frankfurt, however I am studying in Augsburg. This is the reason I decided to upload a
picture of my university campus as the perfect example of a green place for the whole community. Here students come and go but
families, children and older people living in the neighborhood also use the campus as a park. For me this place represents the
encounter between several generations, a space for intersectional get togethers, where people from different backgrounds and with
different goals lye on the grass together and exchange ideas

Mariella Scalera, Frankfurt am Main

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The Luisenpark is Mannheim’s largest city park. There is a very beautiful planting, suitable for the seasons, a plant show house with
exotic plants, a beautiful lake “Kutzerweiher” where you can also take a gondola ride, an oasis of sound and above all many open
spaces and children’s playgrounds, which many Mannheimers like to use. The park is centrally located and can be easily reached by
public transport.

Janina Cares, Mannheim

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Near Ulm.

Christin Witzler, Erbach

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The Playground as a meeting point for everyone. With lots of green and shadow and place for fantasy.

Susanne Steck, Ulm

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Sitting under this tree, reading the passage from my favorite book and narrating it to my friends gives me the feeling of best
moment of the life and wanna seize it forever.

Poonam Poonam, Ulm

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A seemingly endless red bench. It stands directly on a large public meadow on the Danube in the heart of Ulm.
Many people love this place and when the weather is nice, half the city meets here.
The tower in the background is the butcher tower and it’s really crooked!

Peter Meyer, Ulm

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The Ulmer Höhenweg inspires me because it is very easy to reach by public transport. You can walk for 12 km in the greenery and
still be directly in his city all the time. Wonderful views at every step, here you can shoot the most beautiful photos of the cathedral,
as you can see in the picture in the middle.

Martina Spodareva, Ulm

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The sledding hill at Ulm’s Kuhberg is a meadow between a residential area and the local school center. It is available all year round
to the citizens of the city for local recreation. During the warm months it is a wonderful picnic place, in winter sledding gives great
pleasure to the local children.

Margret Bauer, Ulm

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The rose garden on the historic city wall on the banks of the Danube in Ulm is a public facility, in which various native and exotic
plants have been planted. Due to its location away from major traìc routes, it is a quiet place. Benches invite you to linger.

Margret Bauer, Ulm

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The youth farm is surrounded by forest with cycling and hiking trails to the city center, Danube and Ulms districts.
The landscape is magical when the weather is nice. The paths are a bit higher and you have a great visibility.

Ildiko Dobrescu, Ulm

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The Ulm Youth Farm is an active playground with animal husbandry under pedagogical supervision.horses, a donkey, goats, sheep,
rabbits, chickens, pigs and a cat live here. The children feed and care for the animals and also muck out the stables. Riding lessons
and tournaments take place on the riding arena.

Ildiko Dobrescu, Ulm

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The “Hermannsgarten” in Ulm is a former municipal orchard that was taken into care by the environmental association BUND Ulm in
the mid-1990s. It is a beautiful example of a meeting place in the green in Ulm. With the support of many volunteers, the association
aims to preserve the fruit tree population with many old fruit varieties, but also to plant old native varieties. At the same time, the
1.3 ha garden offers a public nature experience space. Groups or individuals can meet here, children can play outdoors, so nature
with its changes throughout the year can be experienced. In autumn, the apples, pears, plums and nuts can be taken away for a

Bertram Wegemer, Ulm

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Town means stone – but not completely.

Ulrich Petri, Ulm

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This is a Boule court in public space, where Neighbours and friends can meet and play together, near our home.

Iris Humpenöder, Ulm

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This is a Boule court in public space, where Neighbours and friends can meet and play together, near our home.

Iris Humperöder, Ulm

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Stop war! Green with an important message. the picture was taken at the Donaufest 2022 in Ulm

Matthias Mader, Ulm

“Together for a cleaner Rostock.”

Barbara Sawade, Rostock

“Together for a cleaner Rostock.”

Barbara Sawade, Rostock

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Meditation under the trees near the Danube.
The place is available to everyone and Park Friedrichsau.
Pleasant quiet atmosphere.

Roman Varshavsky, Ulm/Ukraine

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Friedrichsau in Ulm is a place where everyone can find something for themselves. Convenient bridges and paths and a tram stop nearby make this place barrier-free and easily accessible. You can enjoy a relaxing rest on the banks of the Danube, watching the birds, and then visit one of the restaurants and try delicious dishes. Children will have a great time at one of the playgrounds or visit the Ulm Zoo with their parents. The beautiful flower-filled lawns, comfortable benches, fountains and fresh air will make you come back again and again.

Natalia Smyrnova, Ulm/Ukraine

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April 2023, Ulm, Friedrichsau Park
The first green appears on the trees. It’s a lovely quiet evening on the banks of the Danube. It offers a great view of the right bank of

Dana Sidko, Ulm / Ukraine

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When my granddaughter was asked, “Where do you live?” She answered: “In the house on the mountain.”

Liudmila Stefurak, Blaustein/Ukraine

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This is now our home. Our blue mountain, from which the name of our city came – Blaustein

Liudmila Stefurak, Blaustein/Ukraine

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Yellow is the colour of the Sun, a symbol of protection and hope. In Ukraine, yellow is a symbol of ripe ears of grain and the personification of the life-giving power of sunlight. The first time I saw yellow poppies in my life was in Germany. They symbolise hope for me.

Olena Konovalenko, Hüttisheim/Ukraine


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Inner courtyards are very good places to make greean oazis.

Gárdonyi Adrienn, Budapest


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The Utturini Portotorresi, a green corridor that runs through the city. Thanks to a building stoppage ordered by a far-sighted administration several decades ago, this has been made accessible to this day and is a public green space that has preserved a great variety of plant species, including fruit trees and edible wild herbs, while also offering urban refuge to many animal species.

Angela Louise Pudda, Porto Torres


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The monumental mansion “Reymontovka” in the village of Cheviska was built for the Rozhanski family in the middle of the 19th
century with a park of 300 acres, in which unique trees and shrubs have been preserved, a large lake, beautiful wooden êgures at
places for recreation, small meeting houses. Mr. Raymont is a Nobel laureate in literature. The family had no children and the estate
was owned by various wealthy businessmen until 1981 when it was purchased together with the 300-acre park by the Ministry of
Culture and Art of the Region and a rest station for scientists and artists was created.

Beata Chacińska, Siedlce

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Prof. Ana Klim-Klimashevska, dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of Shedulce, organizes every year an international
conference “The Multidimensionality of the Education in the 21st Century” with more than 150 participants from 12 countries in the
House of Creative Work “Reymontovka” estate.
I help in organizing the event, through which we have the opportunity to present to the participants the life and traditions of Polish
families in the last century, which we are very proud of.

Beata Chacińska, Siedlce

PO-2 IMG-1

this friendly space encourages relaxation, reading and various intergenerational activities

Szczocarz Roma, Lodz

PO-2 IMG-2

this is my neighborhood library the space in front of the entrance is used for neighborhood meetings

Szczocarz Roma, Lodz


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This spring the city hall of Cluj Napoca – Romania has delighted our eyes by planting tulips of various colours all over the city, at
circulation roundabouts, on every patch of ground, in parks and in many other places. During this period the whole city was full of
colour; our city was fairy! The splendid colours of the tulips accentuated the greenery around them. All the people passing by would
stop and admire the flowers and take pictures of them.

Elena Muste, Cluj Napoca

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This place is somewhere right in the center of the city, a hidden green gem prepared to take you by surprise. Spotted in the backyard of a photo studio. I chose it as my favourite place because it reminds me of my grandparents’ old house. When I was a kid I used to play with my brother right behind their grapevine.

Diana Cretu, Cluj Napoca

RO-5 IMG-1

Mangrove on the banks of the Danube
”You, my sky-rooted water
On which the shadow learns to float”
When the level of the Danube rises on the lower cliff, the water floods the trees, thus creating the image of a mangrove.

Violeta Pușcașu, Galati

RO-5 IMG-2

Thistle – the royal solitude of a thistle surrounded by green.
The photo is taken from the upper bank of the Danube, and in the background you can see the river.

Violeta Pușcașu, Galati

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A space for recreation and entertainment in the middle of the city of Timisoara is Roses park. It was decorated in the English style,
with alleys, canopies and rows of roses. The people of Timisoara are present in large numbers at the outdoor shows that take place

Dragan Doina, Timisoara

RO-4 IMG-1

The Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden covers an area of 18 ha and includes a wide variety of trees, shrubs and flowers.
But it is also the place where we meet for the events organized by our Fashion Crochet Group or simply our favorite place to walk
and relax among the variety of flowers and trees.

Tudosia Isofache, Galati

RO-4 IMG-2

The rose exhibition
The Botanical Garden covers an area of 18 ha and includes a wide variety of trees, shrubs and flowers.
Every spring we come to the Botanical Garden to admire the rose exhibition.

Tudosia Isofache, Galati

RO-7 IMG-1

The Public Garden
A place full of trees, flowers and benches in the middle of the city, an oasis of coolness on hot days, a place to walk during the
relaxing hours.
A recreational area where various events are organized.

Mioara Ardieleanu, Galati

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The Public Garden is the largest park in Galati. It is the meeting place of children, chess players, athletes, grandparents. Gastronomic
festivals and outdoor theater performances for children are also held here.

Radu Illie, Galati

RO-6 IMG-2

The Botanical Garden of the “Răzvan Angheluță” Museum Complex in Galati. A promenade place for all ages. The Galaţi Botanical
Garden is one of the most famous gardens in Romania.

Radu Illie, Galati

RO-11 IMG-1

The Botanical Garden in Galati An explosion of colors greets us in the Botanical Garden with a great variety of flowers, trees and shrubs. This is the ideal place to organize events, being a space of rare beauty.

Roxana Maria Bacanu, Galati

RO-2 IMG-1

The Danube cliff embankment in Galati is a green oasis, a place to do sports, for meetings, a place for recreation and outdoor walks. Summer is the ideal place to relax!

Stefan Bacanu, Galati

RO-1 IMG-1

Every city has a place where we feel relaxed. A place where we finally meet and smile. A place where oxygen rules. Like a real magic place…

Ana-Maria Militaru, Galati

RO-18 IMG-1

The Danube embankment in Braila Brăila, a land “kissed” by three waters: the Danube, which gives it a small delta, the Buzău that crosses its northwest and the Siret that lays its plain towards Galaţi. Braila is blessed by the Danube, the place where in the evening we relax, walk and recharge ourselves positively!

Daniela Ibanescu, Galati

RO-10 IMG-1

One of the most loved meeting places in Timișoara is the Bega river bank. I chose this place because all generations feel good here. Some read, others walk or tell stories, participate in boat races, but everyone smiles at the flowering trees, the clear sky, the fresh air. These days, an expedition encouraged by the public left here and will circumnavigate Europe by water.

Elena Bardac, Timisoara

RO-15 IMG-1

The Alley between the central of Galati and the Danube Cliff. A promenade area with modern architecture. Here the inhabitants of the city walk, read, play chess and participate in various cultural activities of the city.

Bira Verman Mariana Daniela, Galati

RO-12 IMG-1

Timisoara, the city of flowers and parks, gathers all generations in its green places. In the Roses Park, established in 1891, numerous cultural events, concerts, festivals take place. Everyone is enjoying the beauty of this wonderful park!

Ana Zlibut, Timisoara

RO-8 IMG-1

Cocuta Beach-1 Sometimes, when high water hits the Danube, the beach is flooded. However, people come here and spend their free time fishing or enjoying the image of the city of Galati, which is dominated by the 110 m high TV Tower.

Gabriela Negutu, Galati

RO-8 IMG-2

Cocuta Beach-2 Sometimes, when high water hits the Danube, the beach is flooded. Then, tall, tender grass grows on the beach, dotted with yellow water lilies. The locals usually take their cows and horses to graze. The animal have discovered a ford to be reached near the river bank, where the grass is the best.

Gabriela Negutu, Galati

RO-9 IMG-1

At an event in Julius Town. It’s a very beautiful place. Many people come here to relax.

Nicoleta Ghergina, Timisoara

RO-9 IMG-2

A stop at the well. This time it is decorated with flowers. It’s a wonderful setting.

Nicoleta Ghergina, Timisoara



This square called “Monkey Island” was conceived as a living work of art. That square was a tribute to the disappearance of our
beloved Pannonian Sea and its emergence into the Black Sea. The fountain and the area around it represented an artistic vision of
the Pannonian Sea, from which the sea flowed through a canal, across the square, representing the Danube, into a small pool at the
other end of the square – which represented the Black Sea. For some reason, the square did not live up to its intended purpose. The
fountain worked extremely rarely, and the trees that were unfortunately chosen – conifers, grew slowly and provided little shade,
and the square itself was always exposed to direct sunlight. Over time, people forgot what the artistic vision of the square meant in
general, there was a proposal to completely tear the square down and build something else there. That’s how it got the derogatory
name “Monkey Island”, completely undeserved. But people “adopted” it and started using it as a favorite place away from the noise.
Today this square is the right place for summer enjoyment, it has been successfully reconstructed and is truly a small green oasis of
peace. It is accessible to everyone and everyone is very happy to use it, although it still bears the famous name “Monkey Island”.

Tomislav Milunov, Vršac


“Russian Park” is another green oasis that you must visit when you find yourself in Vršac. The park is an excellent place to rest after a
long walk, and you can always have a special rest in the garden of some popular cafes with juice or coffee. Of course, in winter this
place becomes a real fairy tale. The very name “Russian Park” was given after the end of the Second World War because the last
attack for the liberation of the city had just started from this place.

Tomislav Milunov, Vršac


We ask that this area be provided with adequate protection, while respecting the existing legislation, both national and international
signed declarations, directives and agreements. It is necessary to carry out expert monitoring, more precisely the revision of the
study in the area of the Fisherman’s Island, based on determining the credibility of the expert study of the Republic Institute for
Nature Conservation(from 2006): Natural monument „Fisherman’s Island“ (which was turned down by an unreasonable Decision on
expert inspection from 2013, prepared by the Provincial Insitute for Environmental Protection. The second request of the Initiative is
the preparation of a study on the level of protection in the wider area of Kamenička ada, Dunavac, Šodroš and the Fisherman’s
Peninsula. The study is required for about 200 ha of floodplain, wetland and it will be confirmed or refuted by claims of citizens,
institutions and associations.

Daniela Stojkovic Jovanovic, Novi Sad


Initiative for the protection of the natural public good of Kamenička ada, Dunavac, Šodroš and the Fisherman’s Peninsula in Novi
The decision of the Provincial Institute on the conditions of environmental protection in the draft of the General Regulation Plan
only the narrow belt of forest vegetation of Kamenička ada was singled out, but not the floodplain of the Danube region – Dunavac
and Šodroš, with submerged, ëoating and emergent vegetation, bird sanctuary, fish hatchery, the habitat of the pond turtle and the
area of its reproduction, one of the ten species of amphibians and reptiles in the wider area.

Daniela Stojkovic Jovanovic, Novi Sad


SK-1 IMG-1

River Danube and Morava meet near the area of Devin castle in Bratislava, where is a beautiful nature and many animals and birds, which you can meet. People like to come here to relax or take part at the activities which are on offer.

Nadezda Hrapkova, Bratislava

SK-1 IMG-2

Area of the castle Devin at the river Danube has beautiful nature. Many inhabitants from Bratislava and the foreigner guests too use to come here to relax and see the symbol of Velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia 1989.

Nadezda Hrapkova, Bratislava



The park in front of the National University Library, designed by the architect Jože Plečnik. A young tree watches over a green bench in the park in front of the soothing and mighty library.

Alenka Gabriela Ščuka, Sežana


PST,  the famous trail surrounding the city of Ljubljana commemorates the difficult Second World War times when Ljubljana was surrounded by barbed wire. The trail is a lively place, a meeting place of  children from kindergartens and pupils from schools, young and old joggers… When on the 9th of May the liberation of the city is celebrated, crowds of strollers flock to the trail, covering different lengths of the path, and the trail is all bright, playful and festive.

Vida Vilhar Pobegajlo, Ljubljana

United Kingdom

GB-1 IMG-1

The large open Abbey Park where everyone can walk, talk and meet, which is also used for concerts and fairs for all to enjoy.

Auriol Ainley, Pershore

GB-2 IMG-1

Snowy field on the edge of Keyworth – used by people in winter for sledging when there is snow. Nearby is a skateboard park mainly used by younger people and a woodland nature trail

Hugh Busher, Keyworth

GB-2 IMG-2

Holm’s field by Keyworth used by people for dog walking and playing. It is near a new housing estate and owned by Keyworth council.

Hugh Busher, Keyworth



Botanical garden.
Different types of cacti.

Daria Golyaminskykh, Uzhhorod

DE-1 IMG-1

Kyiv, park, Vidradny district. Our family’s favourite place in Kyiv. Red chestnuts, a symbol of the native city of Kyiv. Song about Kyiv “How not to love my Kyiv”.

Liudmyla Mykhailovska, Ulm/Ukraine

DE-1 IMG-2

This is how Kyiv residents celebrate Kyiv Day. With respect to the symbol of Kyiv. That is, chestnuts that grow on the streets of Kyiv. There is also a Kyiv cake on the box of which a leaf and a flower of a chestnut tre are painted.

Liudmyla Mykhailovska, Ulm/Ukraine

DE-14 IMG-1

Central Botanical Garden in Kyiv. This is a favorite place of city residents. There are especially many visitors in the spring when
magnolias and lilacs are blooming.

Natalia Rukavitsyna , Günzburg / Ukraine

DE-14 IMG-2

Bereznyaki is my native area in Kyiv on the left bank of the Dnieper River. There is a small beautiful lake Telbin. Around it is a green area with beautiful flower beds. This is a favorite vacation spot for residents and guests of Kyiv, where you can relax from the bustle of the city and the stone jungle.

Natalia Rukavitsyna , Günzburg / Ukraine

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