ViMA-Danube Volunteers 2022

Call: ViMA – Danube Volunteer 2022

About ViMA-Danube

Background: In December 2021, the online platform ViMA-Ulm was launched by ILEU e.V. in cooperation with the city of Ulm. ViMA-Ulm stands for Virtuell.Mitmachen.Aktiv. It is an open, multifunctional online platform that is intended to become a digital meeting place for citizens of Ulm with different forms of action and cooperation.The platform ViMA-Danube was created on the basis of ViMA-Ulm due to many requests of the online workshops “Young and old together” (Sep.-Dec. 2021) in cooperation with the Ministry of State Baden-Württemberg to promote the exchange between the Danube countries. The ViMA-Danube project runs from the beginning of March to the end of November 2022.

Aim of the platform:

ViMA-Danube is not a political platform, but non-partisan. It is about dealing together with substantive issues of the same interests, in peaceful communication without discrimination of other opinions.

The success of the platform depends on how many people get involved – only in this way can a successful exchange take place. For this we also need the support of people who take on different roles.

Tasks of a ViMA-Volunteer, depending on arrangement:

– Technical moderation of interest and discussion groups, Technical administrator work (coordinating new groups, reporting violations).

– Content moderation: maintaining contacts and working towards joint projects independently and in collaboration

– Promotional activities in social media to further publicize the platform and its possibilities

– Follow up mail and information traffic on VIMA – Danube platform and interact, meet regularly with the other VIMA – Danube volunteers for feedback (positive and negative experiences, difficulties) and define next steps, coordinate with ILEU.

– Time needed per week about 2-4 h

Procedure of the project for ViMA-Volunteers:

A test phase will start in April, all Danube Networkers are invited to test the site. From this point on we need people to accompany this test phase and to take over the tasks mentioned above as ViMA volunteers.

For the launch of the platform at the Donaufest we would like to invite these people to Ulm and hold a Qualification meeting as volunteers with them. For this activity, travel and accommodation costs will be covered by ILEU e.V.. In the second half of the year the work of the volunteers will continue. They will continue their activities for an expense allowance.

What we offer

– Content-related and methodical familiarization with the platform and the task areas

– Materials (introduction to the Zoom video conferencing system, digital handout) for training and qualification online and on site in Ulm

– Examples of good practice

– Lively and international community and exchange of ideas

– Certificates for the activity

Prerequisite to become a ViMA-Volunteer:

– English as a bridge language on an international level

– good basic knowledge of internet usage and willingness to learn how to use the platform

How to apply?

Please share with us the following:

– Short introduction of the person

– Motivation for taking on this job

– What can be offered (experience, skills etc.)? Experience in the field of online learning / online exchange?

– Which tasks can be taken over?

– How much time can be contributed?

– Is there a possibility to come to the Donaufest in Ulm (between 1-10.7., exact date to be announced)?

Please register via the following registration form:

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