86. Come Together Session – 2 Juni 2024

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our session and congratulations to all the winners of our competition “Traces of Europe in my town”. You’ll find all the winners submissions and prizes here.


85. Come Together Session – 28 April 2024


83. Come Together Solidarity Session – 25 February 2024

Thank you to all the people who participated in our Come-Together-Session on the 25. February 2024! We had aproximately 70 people all over ten countrys join us. These sessions would not work without you and we are grateful to all of you.

There were many lovely people who presented songs/poems and told us their story. We also had two presentations about Trench Candles by Anastasia Smetanyuk and Camouflage Nets for the soldiers by Svitlana Boyko.
The trench candles are very importand for the soldiers fighting in the Ukraine for their country, but even more importandly, for their lives. These Candles help them to keep warm and not get recognized by the enemy.
The camouflage nets are made by volunteers and help the soldiers to cover dugouts, trenches, and equipment. The materials are financed through donations and by selling various handmades.
If you would like to support these projects please contact them under:

Anastasia Smetanyuk: Candles for the defenders
Need in paraffin or donations

Svitlana Boyk: Camouflage Nets
Need in material/can sell handmade

Again a big thank you to all the participants and we hope to see you join our next sessions.


82. Come Together Session – 11 February 2024

“Improvisation”, a song at electric violin, composed and performed by Dan Voss (Timisoara, Romania)

81. Come Together Session – 28 January 2024

80. Come Together Session – 10 December 2023

The advent calendar can be found here:

79. Come Together Session – 26 November 2023

78. Come Together Session – 12 November 2023

77. Come Together Session – 22 October 2023

In this session we also introduced and worked together with our online-platform ViMA danube. Participants were put into groups and discussed either about “cities” or “wild herbs”. If you are interested in those materials please visit our platform and take a look into our interest groups!

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